Tailored solutions for a worry-free future



Our highly resilient disaster recovery facilities enable us to cater for wide and multiple disasters. We are able to recover all our clients simultaneously ensuring they will never be without a work place when disaster strikes.

Vendor Neutral Data Centre

We supply vedor neutral data center services which give our clients the ability and freedom to choose their own carriers and service providers. We have strategic relationship with Teraco, Africa's biggest data environment, delivering an uptime of 99,9%

Our association to Teraco and all its clients gives us access to a number of different carriers and we can instantly provide connectivity of any size to our clients through any of the telco’s both fibre and wireless providers in SA.


We have established multiple connections over the years while working alongside a lot of South Africa’s leading data connectivity providers. These connections allow us to offer high quality & affordable internet bandwidth as well as transit solutions for ISP's. (Internet Service Providers)

DR Hot Seats

Never miss a minute

Time is a commodity we can’t get back, and as the old saying goes, time is money. In the event of your primary site becoming unavailable – how much operational time would you lose?

Our clients are able to suffer minimal downtime with our DR HOT Seats configured with a PC, IP Phone with voice recording and internet breakout. We are also able to tailor the set up and remove the PC for those able to work off of a laptop.

Our sites also allow our clients access to other everyday essentials of a modern office environment including a boardroom, alternative meeting areas, printing and a breakaway area.

We are able to tailor both syndicated and dedicated solutions dependant on our clients needs and budgets.

We care about what your requirements are

In line with our philosophy of tailoring solutions for our clients, we will provision any hardware necessary and do our utmost to provide a solution that allows for a seamless transition from your primary site to our our DR facility.

Dedicated Work Area Recovery Seats

Dedicated Seating is a designated area solely for use by a single client, tailored to their requirements.

Wireless Work Area Recovery Seats

A wireless seat/ workstation is made up of a desk, a chair, access to power, access to internet. Our wireless working stations are suitable for staff using their own laptops and cellphones.

Wired Work Area Recovery Seats

A wired seat is a work space consisting of a wired internet connection, a PC, A Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse Etc. Our wired workstations are suitable for staff that opt to work on a PC and don’t have access to laptops.

Flexi Work Area Recovery Seats

A Flexi Seat is a work station/ area that is tailored to our clients’ needs. Sometimes clients require a unique DR Hot Site set up and we will strive our best to meet those needs.

Colocation Within Teraco Data Environments

Never worry about your data

Data is the cornerstone of most, if not all, modern day businesses. With that in mind, we have geared up with Teraco Data Environments to provide our clients with world class data centre facilities across Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg.

Through Teraco’s fully managed data centres we are able to offer our clients access to Tier 3 Vendor Neutral Data Centres – meaning that they are available for 99.982% of the year and that our clients are able to decide how they want to be connected to the internet without restriction.

From access to new data centre technologies, to protection from loadshedding, enterprises in Africa are realising the benefits of going using Teraco colocation services.

Teraco Colocation Core Benefits


Accessible world class facilities

Considering that not everyone requires a full rack we also offer a Per U shared cabinet option – making world – class data centres accessible to the growing SME or those who don’t have a large amount of equipment to host.

Teraco is ISO 27001 (Information Security Management) and ISO 9001 (Quality Control Management) certified.

For more information on Teraco Data Environments visit www.teraco.co.za

Vendor Neutral Shared Racks/Colocation
  • Shared Cabinet space is a dedicated portion of U Space within one of our Cabinets within Teraco
  • Shared Cabinets are a great way to capitalize on all of Teraco’s benefits without having to incur the cost of a full cabinet
  • Shared Racks are suitable for smaller businesses and start ups that aren’t ready to deploy a full cabinet of equipment. The start to organic growth.
  • Our Vendor Neutral offering gives our clients the ability and freedom to choose their own carriers and service providers.
Vendor Neutral Full Cabinets
  • A full cabinet compromises of 48 U of private space.
  • Cabinets can be tailored to our clients requirements.
  • Our Vendor Neutral offering gives our clients the ability and freedom to choose their own carriers and service providers.

ISO 22301 BCP Consulting

Ensuring that you are ready for action

A comprehensive business continuity plan is an essential element of any effective business continuity strategy and provides:

  • Legal and regulatory compliance;
  • Predictable and effective response to crises;
  • Maintenance of vital activities of your the organisation;
  • Protection of brand value and reputation;
  • Long term cost reduction.


At Continuity Solutions, we understand that each enterprise or business has different Business Continuity requirements and, as a result, we conduct a comprehensive analysis and review of all business processes and risks so that we can provide tailored and flexible solutions. This means that the solution provided not only satisfies current requirements but can also be easily adjusted to satisfy the future requirements as your business grows and evolves. 

Why ISO?

The role of ISO is to facilitate the international coordination and the standardisation of industry standards. This translates to the development and delivery of products and services which are safer, clearer and more effective. 

By implementing an ISO standard business continuity plan you are employing a strategy which is compliant with international standards in over 160 countries.


Connectivity and Hosted Solutions

Hosted Solutions 

Flexibility is an essential aspect of modern day Business Continuity Management. 

We are able to offer our clients virtual machines for both recovery and primary use. 

Furthermore, we are able to provide hardware on any platform and when it comes to virtual hosting we are able to spin up a virtual machine(s) to accommodate both simple and complex hosting requirements. 


From basic connectivity through to complex MPLS solutions, national long haul, or just local point to point fibre. We can provision connectivity through any of the local carriers in SA.

Connectivity is never more than an interconnect cable away.

Connecting you to the internet without restriction.
  • We have established multiple connections over the years while working alongside a lot of South Africa’s leading data connectivity providers.


  • These connections have allowed us to offer High Quality & Affordable internet bandwidth.


  • A full suite of resilient and scalable solutions for S Providers directly to the business.
Cloud DR Solutions

  • Smart Data Management and Protection

  • Rapid Cloud BackUps and recovery for servers, desktops and laptops. With instant access to live and archive data.

Commercial & Residential Solar Solutions

Continuity Solutions offers commercial and residential solar solutions.  We install high quality invertors, panels and balance of system that allows your solution to stand the test of time.


We offer the latest technology in CCTV Solutions. We will protect your investments from prying eyes.

Office Automation

We offer the latest technology in Office Automation, printing and scanning solutions.