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With more than 18 years of experience in the Business Continuity industry and our strategic partnership with Teraco Data Environments, we are able to provide our clients with Business Continuity solutions that are tailored to our clients needs and budget.

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The Intelligent Continuity Partner

At Continuity Solutions we believe that keeping the lights on at your business is about more than just protecting revenue. You are ensuring that your business is sustainable long term. By partnering with us your business will be able to continue operating in the face of disaster or disruption, and in turn retain jobs, brand value and keep the core of your company running no matter what.


Services we offer

We specialise in small or large colocation within the Teraco Data Center environments in DBN, JHB & CT, supporting our national Disaster Recovery facilities and Connectivity Solutions.

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Disaster Recovery

Ensure that your business can operate effectively in the face of all risks and threats by investing in our Continuity services.

Shared Cabinet Space

Shared Cabinets are a great way to capatlize on all of Teracos Benefits without having to incur the cost of a full cabinet.

Full Cabinets

Full Cabinets consist of 48 U of space and are suitable for bigger, more well established companies.


Expand on your infrastructure and offer your clients reduced latency - giving you more efficiency and security.

Cloud DR Solutions

Teraco's strategic and dense network infrastructure, allows cloud providers to achieve all performance targets.

Temporary Offices

Our facilities are geared to handle the full range of an enterprise's Business Continuity Management needs.

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