Never miss a minute

In a world that is becoming increasingly volatile, the need for a business to be resilient against a disaster or a disruption is fast becoming a necessity. At Continuity Solutions, we pride ourselves in ensuring that our clients have a comprehensive and reliable BCM solution in place.

After disaster has struck, how quickly can your business continue operating?




It is all about your requirements

At Continuity Solutions we understand that each business has different requirements. Our years of experience coupled with international certifications means we are able to tailor a comprehensive solution fitted to your requirements.

In everything we do, we aim to provide our clients with 100% uptime

The Intelligent Continuity Partner

At Continuity Solutions we believe that keeping the lights on at your business is about more than just protecting revenue. By keeping those lights on you are ensuring that your business is sustainable. This means that your business is able to continue operating in the face of disaster or disruption, and in turn allow jobs to be retained, brand value maintained and revenues unhindered. 


Industries Serviced

Our facilities are geared to handle the full range of an enterprises Business Continuity Management needs. 


Enjoy the benefits of hosting your data within Teraco by either taking a full rack or our Per U shared cabinet options.




Expand on your infrastructure and offer your clients reduced latency - giving you more efficiency and security. 


The strategic and dense network infrastructure which Teraco has in place allow cloud providers to achieve all performance targets.